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Grouper (grouper fish) fish dishes

Halong cobia soup starter 50k/bowl/fish
Grouper / Grouper (600k -650k -700k/kg) depending on the dish
Grouper with head salad cooked in sour soup
Grilled grouper head cooked with green bean porridge
Steamed grouper with soy sauce
Grouper hot pot

Sturgeon (550k -600k -650k/kg) depending on dish size
Charcoal grilled sturgeon
Salt-roasted sturgeon
Braised sturgeon with banana and beans
Sturgeon hotpot
Braised sturgeon with sour bamboo shoots
Green bean sturgeon porridge
Song Da salmon (350k -400k -450k/kg) depending on the dish
Charcoal grilled salmon
Salt-roasted salmon
Braised lentils with banana and beans
Salmon hot pot
Braised lentil with sour bamboo shoots
Green bean lentil porridge

Natural eel 650k/kg
Charcoal grilled eel
Hot pot eel
Braised eel with banana and beans
Delicious eel cake

Crispy carp 350k/kg
Crispy carp braised with melon
Crispy hot pot

Red grouper dishes on request
Devil’s face fish dishes on request
Blue star grouper dishes on request
Armored beef fish

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