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ASIAN SET MENU 2 – 250,000 VNĐ

(1.)Cold spring rolls with shrimp and meat
Fresh rolls with meat & shrimp

(2.)Braised eggplant tofu
Stewed eggplant with bean curd

(3.) Deep-fried fish fillet with five willow sauce
Deep – fried fish fillet with five color sauce

(4.)Chicken wings with sweet and sour sauce
Chicken wings in sweet-sour sauce

(5.)Tepmura shrimp
Shrimp tempura

(6.) Seasoned Garlic Sauteed Vegetables
Seasonal fried vegetables with garlic

(7.)Pineapple clam and sour soup
Sour clam broth with pinapple

(8.)White rice
Steamed rice

(9.)Fresh seasonal fruit
Seasonal fruit

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